Anthropologie: Winter 2015

111715_V1_HPG_desktop_slice_03Can we talk about Anthropologie right now? I’m obsessed with pretty much their entire Brand, but these Winter 15’/16′ looks are so on point they leave me breathless! I’m all about these earthy tones, oversized coats and capes! Don’t even get me started on the plaid! I’m in Heaven!


Also, check out their super cute holiday decor! Aren’t these little owl ornaments the most  precious things ever?!? Being a total sucker for owls, I’m definitely trying to get my hands on these!


Last, I am in loveeeee with these Jane Austen Classic Novels, designed by Graphic artist Leanne Shaptons. You can find them in the “under $25”  gift list! These would make adorable bed side decor or coffee table accents, while giving you a reason to enjoy the classics all over again!


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Must Have Bags

So this past weekend I decided to start my spring cleaning ritual, with my oh so crazy closet. I know, scary! First on the list, my bags. I’m proud to say I have come a long way in this department. I use to be a major bag hoarder, but now I can confidently say I have down – graded to your average bag collection of about 20. As impressive as that might seem to a major bag collector, I still feel the need to retired some bags that just serve me no purpose anymore. I was online the other day and came across a great article on, about the 6 major bags a woman really needs. So, I decided to put my own spin on the article and break it down for you ladies who might also be facing this process of elimination. Hopefully, this will help us detach ourselves from some of the oldies but goodies and get back to basics!

x LVS x

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The Best Friend – This is your everyday bag. Your go-to, always there for you, dependable and sturdy one. Carries your life in it and pretty much knows all your dirty secrets.

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The Quicky – Your errands, fast – paced, in and out daytime clutch. A personal hand held organizer of all your main womanly needs. It keeps it all together,  but doesn’t call for all the extras.

2014-04-08 13.34.16

The No Fuss – This will be your crossbody bag. Oh, the freedom this one gives you! This should be your go-to bag for any overly active day. It’s hands free and way better than strapping on a fanny-pack! Bonus, probably the most thief – proof of all the purses (but make sure you face it forward).

2014-04-08 13.37.37

The Handy One – This would be your tote. Your towel, magazine, book holding pal. The lug everything you can possibly think of for a day at the beach, park or school bag.

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The Jet – setter – The one and only weekender. Your jump in the car, road trip sidekick. Always ready for the next adventure.  Big enough to fit a couple of outfits, but light enough to make a spontaneous escape.

2014-04-08 13.32.14

The Game Changer – Last but not least, your evening clutch. The sexy and edgy quick to impress piece of hand held art that we love to display. This stunner can spice up some the most boring outfits. It’s a collections must have.

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The Lana Look

With so many different styles and trends out there, it’s easy to encounter some that seem average and others that instantly captures your attention. Pop culture, celebrities and musicians are one of our main venues for inspiration. Today, I decided to blog about one musician’s style in particular that I’m currently crushing on! She is the spunky American singer/song writer, Lana Del Rey. You look at her and it seems like she’s walked right out of a French Vogue Editorial. The funny part is she’s an All – American girl born and raised in NY. When it comes to style I am attracted to a look that makes a statement and Del Rey does just that. The perfect mix between an old school 50’s bopp-princess and a sultry, sexy, new-era bad girl. She has found the perfect combination of classy-feminine with an edge. To top it off, this gal not only has a great eye for fashion but also has an amazing voice to go along with it. Her new album “Born to Die” is now in stores. Here are some of our favorite Lana Looks.


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Come and take a walk on the wild side
Let me kiss you hard in the pouring rain
You like your girls insane Born to Die – By. Lana Del Rey

* Also check out her new single ” Blue Jeans”  on Youtube, One of our favs from her!

x LVS x