Happy In 5!!!

1 – Soak Up Some Rays: Even if it’s 10 minutes, vitamin D is essential to your happy state! Slap on that sunscreen & take in that good feeling!

2 – Let Your Feet Wonder: Studies have shown that at least 30 minutes of walking per day can be a major mood booster. Walking helps with circulation, which in return releases stress hormones from the body.

3 – Intake That H20: Dehydrated people are cranky people! Water helps keep the body going, curbs appetite and gives you much needed energy throughout the day. Drink up!

4 – Tap Into Your Self: Meditate for at least 5 minutes a day. Turn everything off, tune everyone out and clear your mind. Let your worries melt away. You will feel much lighter and be transported into a new form of bliss.

5 – Laugh Till It Hurts: Listen to a joke, hangout with hilarious people, watch a funny movie or clip. There is no better medicine then a good belly-aching giggle! It connects you with your inner child, simpler times where everything was happy and carefree.

Image Source: Google/Pinterest