United We Stand #womensequalityday


So, today is Women’s Equality Day. Today, marks the 95th anniversary of women’s right to vote here in the United States! By now you have probably read this about a million times scrolling through your news feeds, well here is a million and one! I wouldn’t particularly label myself as a feminist. I’m not a big fan of labels in general, but I would definitely say I’m a HUGE fan of everything to do with women’s equality, empowerment & just over all support of one another. We have accomplished so much through the years and there’s still so much more to look forward to! Let’s keep the momentum going & stand united, not apart! Let’s make sure we are all here to support & inspire one another. This is the only way DAYS like this are possible!  Also, let’s not make it all about ONE DAY! Let’s make it about a journey, an everyday commitment to be kind to one another, cheer each other on, lend a helping hand & look out for each other. This is the way we will continue growing and breaking through the glass ceiling that society wants us to believe is our limit. We have no limit to what we are capable of accomplishing! So, lets stand united & continue making history! Cheers to Women’s Equality Day! #hardworkpaysoff

Image Source: Pinterest


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