Get The Look

For my first “Get The Look” post I’m looking at the hit TV shows of the moment for some inspiration, “Jane By Design” ! I’m not only obsessed with the story line, but also love how each of the girls have their own signature look! We picked the three top characters from the show to break down their style and show you how to achieve the look!

x LVS x


Jane – Played by actress Erica Dasher:

Think punk-rock and edgy mixed with feminine touches. Leather jackets with frilly tops and tutu skirts! Colorful belted cardigans, paired with classic dresses. Fun and always different. Alternative yet very fashionable and unique.


India – Played by actress India De Beaufort:

Think seductive badgirl. Strong, confident and bold. Big statement jewelry, tight form-fitting dresses, high-fashion purses and sky-high heels. Peplum and oversized shoulders, finished with big flowy hair.


Lulu – Played by actress Meagan Tandy:

Think goody-good, preppy-school girl. Classic cutts. Pastel and light colors. Fitted blazers, stripped polo shirts and pleatted tennis skirts. Knee high stockings, ties, hair bows and cute matching handbags.

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